Presenting the
Eigenmike® em64 microphone.
em64 Eigenmike Microphone
em64 Eigenmike Microphone

The earlier version of the Eigenmike microphone – the em32 - was the first commercially available higher resolution spatial microphone. After over 10 years on the market it is now superseded by the em64.

Some technical highlights for the em64 Eigenmike microphone:

  • 64 professional low-noise electret microphone capsules
  • Physical connection via Cat5e+ Ethernet cable (data and power)
  • Communication Protocol: Audinate’s Dante ®
  • Size: spherical, 84mm in diameter
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 135dB(A)
  • Maximum Ambisonic Order: 6

What is a spatial microphone? 

Spacial patterns

A spatial microphone records the sound field surrounding the microphone rather than just the sound at a point in space. This enables the sound engineer to explore and edit the soundfield recording, adding many more degrees of freedom compared to traditional sound recording.

The Eigenmike lends itself to a wide variety of applications, including:

David Monacchi recording the soundscape of the Borneo rain forest
David Monacchi recording the soundscape of the Borneo rain forest for the project “Fragments of Extinction”.
Photo: Alex D’Emilia
  • Audio for VR
  • Sound design
  • Room and sound field analysis
  • Archival recordings
  • Conventional microphone with varying polar pattern (e.g. cardioid, super-cardioid, hyper-cardioid, omnidirectional
  • Shotgun microphone
  • Low-noise microphone
  • Binaural microphone
  • Higher-order Ambisonic (HOA) microphone
  • Flexible stereo or surround sound techniques